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Highly efficient 

Clock Blithfield

5Kw Output

With all the Style, Quality and Warranty of the original but just in a smaller unit.
This Multifuel fuel stove will suit any situation with its large heat range (2.5kw - 7.5kw) and compact size anything is possible.
Options Available - Integrated Log Store , Full range of Colours, Brass or Chrome Fittings, Direct Air Kit and a Heat shield.
Standard 5" flue for easier installation.
CE Approved, Defra Approved

Vega 100

5Kw Output

The efficient Vega 100 stove is perfect for most room sizes and has an output of under 5kW, meaning there is no requirement for additional room ventilation.

It is available in standard multi fuel, or a wood burning clean burn model.

The Vega 100 Clean Burn is DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke controlled areas .

This popular stove is manufactured from quality cast iron and will provide years of efficient burning

Esse 100SE

DD 5Kw Output

Like its single-door sibling, this is a classic ESSE wood-burner – providing a heart-warming rustic focal-point for your living space, combined with 21st century energy-efficiency and all-round performance.

To enjoy the flames to the full, there’s no need to burn with the doors open – thanks to ESSE’s advanced Afterburn™ airwash technology, which gives you exceptional burn rate control, while keeping the glass door clear at all times.


5Kw Output

DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke control areas.  Up to 3 times cleaner burn than current standards require.

Quality solid 5mm cast iron construction for durability and heat retention.

New door lock mechanism ensures airtight seal.

Ventilation not required (subject to building regulations)

Airwash system for cleaner glass

Extra large picture window

Compact size to suit UK chimneys

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